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Minuteman Transport is a Florida based full service enclosed carrier of exotic, classic, high end, antique automobiles, motorcycles and specialty vehicles. Since 1990 we have assisted celebrities, collectors, enthusiasts, elected officials, and business people transport their vehicles across the state or across the country. The shared goal is to move our clientís prized treasures to the destination as safely and timely as possible. Each of our employees shares that passion for these vehicles, and understands how valuable they are to the owners, and handle these vehicles as if they were their own.

Our mission is to not only transport these personal treasures, but to educate potential clients so that they might make informed decisions on how to select the best closed carrier to do the job. We are proud to note that almost 50% of our clients are repeat customers.
Our goal is to exceed your expectations.

We are a fully licensed (MC-426349-C AND USDOT# 1010827) and fully insured with $1,000,000 liability and vehicle cargo insurance.

Some reflections on how Minuteman Transport, LLC was started:

In the mid to late 1980ís, I was actively collecting, buying and selling 50ís and 60ís Cadillac's and muscle cars. At the time, most of the cars I purchased were in the state of Florida and I had no reason to look elsewhere. However, that changed when I found a completely original 1961 Cadillac, in number 2 condition, in Idaho. I didnít know a thing about transporting a car, so I just called an auto transport company and told them to bring it home. I didnít ask about loading, how they tied it down, insurance, anything! Boy, was I naÔve!

Cadillac's had huge fins in that era, and, sure enough, the back right fin was damaged in transit. Suddenly, the whole reason I had purchased this car went right out the window! Now the intrinsic collector value had diminished substantially because, after it was fixed, it would unfortunately no longer be truly original and untouched. It was upsetting, not only because I had been looking for a car like this for a long time, but the carrier skipped out on paying for the damage. Yes, itís true, you could sue them, but, here is the reality. By the time I received a judgment in my favor and managed to actually collect the money to repair the car I would have been on Medicare. I just ended up fixing the car myself and moving on with my life. (A little wiser, I might add.) The sad part about this ordeal is that it happens much too often, and I bet a few of you had similar experiences.

I was appalled at how I was treated through the whole experience and decided, shortly afterwards, that there was a market for a specialty carrier that understood how collectors felt about their vehicles, knew how to take care of them in transit, and deliver them damage free. In 1990 I founded Minuteman Transport and since that time it has been my privilege to help thousands bring their dreams home.

I consider it my job to educate ďnewcomersĒ to the world of auto transportation, and whether they decide to use our service or not, I will arm them with enough information to make an informed decision. This is my personal pledge.


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